Whilst we are all in lockdown, and the UNIT team is spread far and wide working remotely from home in what is fast becoming the new normal – we have all found it interesting to look for new, clever ways to work on a lighter set up. To embrace the very latest technology to help our artists keep creating content, especially that which is animated, made in CG or created in design, where normal live shooting is not allowed.

The iPad pro offers such an opportunity for modellers with the use of apps such as Forger and Shapr3D. Forger in particular is a very adept sculpting program, and can be used to rapidly prototype designs.

Adam Dewhirst UNIT’s new Head of Creatures & Characters has been warming up with a daily sculpt on the iPad – and then exporting those designs to his computer to try quick renders in Keyshot as he works to further develop new creature and character systems.

Keyshot is ideal for rapid prototyping as it has a great lighting set up already in place and allows for the material of choice to be chosen and experimented with.

Keyshot render.
Keyshot render.
Keyshot headscanned render.
Keyshot headscanned render.

It is also possible to work with basic scanning technology on the IPhone with the use of apps such as Heges. Heges uses Apple’s front facing camera to track your face and create a point-cloud that can be converted to polygons. Making digi double recreation possible on something as portable as an iPhone. 

These experiments were done by scanning one of our Juniors, Eliis Kuusk – and once again throwing the results into Keyshot. With the use of Wrap3, it’s possible to create a production ready digi double using this workflow. 

Raw scan data of Eliis made from scan on iPhone X.
Heges app on the iphone X (Adam Dewhirst self scan).

The whole team are really embracing this time to learn new skills and embrace all latest apps and software to support our creative development and creative process with our clients.

Check out some of Adam Dewhirst’s daily sculpts, headscans and keyshot renders on @dewhirstadam or see some of recent creations above.