UNIT Studios and Homespun work on isolation short film CONTACT – Directed by Sadie Frost and starring Raff Law.

The short film CONTACT was directed by Sadie Frost and written by Johnny Cooke exploring the impact lockdown has had on the mental health and wellbeing on young people. Conceived and filmed entirely during isolation – the story brings together a talented cast who were all isolating together or apart including: Rafferty Law as Rolf, Kelvin Bueno as Kevin, Cora Corré as Coral, Bella Broekman-Tilbury as Irene and Rudy Albarn as Jazzy.

Director Sadie Frost comments, “Johnny and I created CONTACT to give hope and provide a positive creative focus during such a hugely destabilising and desolate period for all. We were so conscious of this being such a tough time for all the young people whose studies, early careers and passions were stopped in their flow. I wanted to make something that told their stories. I found myself isolating with my children, my partner’s children and some friends so as to look after one another – CONTACT really gave them a project to keep them inspired and provide that much needed creative daily focus”.

CONTACT was filmed at home and on the neighbouring Primrose Hill, during daily exercise breaks, abiding and embracing full safe social distancing measures – with Sadie also encouraging the cast to also capture personal moments on their iPhones. The suits each character wears at the top of the hill scene were made by each of the cast with masks and lining underneath. A visual representation of the isolation.

The moving story tells of Rolf, Kelvin Bueno, Coral, Irene and Jazzy as they experience the entrapment of the Covid-19 isolation period.  Exploring the vulnerability, struggle and time of anxiety felt by so many young and old alike  The film depicts the internal journey. The lack of freedom. The mental health journey. The film then looks to capture the embrace of the outside world. The coming together and shared experience. And the returning hope as lockdown measures begin to ease. In the words of William Blake ‘I have conversed with the spiritual Sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill’.

This is the second short Sadie Frost has made with Jonny Cooke out of her Production Company Blonde to Black Pictures Two and will be followed by a feature length Mary Quant Documentary Sadie is currently directing for release later this year. An exciting feature length drama directed by Sadie follows next year.

UNIT Studios worked closely with Sadie and the team to support with all visual effects by Richard Greenwood, a beautiful serene naturalistic grade by Senior Colourist Nick Dalby, and sound design and mix by Creative Director of Sound Chris Southwell – with Homespun weaving the important story together in the edit.


Rafferty Law – As Rolf

Kelvin Bueno – As Kevin

Cora Corré – As Coral

Bella Broekman-Tilbury – As Irene

Rudy Albarn – As Jazzy

Production Company – Blonde to Black Pictures Two

Director – Sadie Frost

Writer – Johnny Cooke

Producer – Sadie Frost

Executive Producer – Andrew Green

Co-Producer – Simon Jones

DOP – John Bretherton

DOP Assistant – Rudy Law

Editor – Tim Hardy @ Homespun

Post Production – UNIT Studios

Post Producer – Isabella Wakely @ UNIT Studios

Film Consultant – Dan Pagan @ UNIT Studios

Colourist – Nick Dalby @ UNIT Studios

Sound Design & Mix – Chris Southwell @ UNIT Studios

Online – Richard Greenwood @ UNIT Studios

Music – Couros

PR Consultant – Victoria Poole @ Littleshopofhorrorsldn

Stills Photography – Debbi Clark